Terms & Conditions


  • We will only proceed to open a job card or arrange delivery/collection once full payment reflects in our bank account.
  • Clients are responsible for all installations, transport, electrical work & plumbing costs, unless quoted.
  • Air conditioners carry a 5 year compressor warranty & 1 year comprehensive warranty.
  • Installations carry a 7 day warranty.
  • 10% Handling fee on all returns and we do not facilitate *cash* refunds.
  • All defects must be pointed out on installation/collection and will be gladly exchanged.
  • On purchase, the invoice issued must be retained for warranty purposes.
  • After installation, the job card issued must be retained for warranty purposes.
  • See product warranty terms and conditions
  • See installation terms and conditions



Your warranty consists of 1 year all-round warranty, and 5 years on the compressor, subject to an annual service with Aux air/Caterquip Trading cc. (Excluding Rust).

  • Proof of purchase must be retained.
  • After installation, the job card issued must be retained.
  • We do not collect or deliver any returns or replacements.
  • Warranties are subject to an assessment, an assessment will determine the status of your warranty.
  • We do not cover warranty on rust, power surges & lightning damage or any form of natural disasters, regardless of the age of the unit.
  • Warranty will be void if the air conditioners are tampered with, only Aux air/Caterquip trading verified Technicians can carry out service/repairs or maintenance on air conditioners which are under our warranty.

All faults/complaints will only be accepted via fax, email or in writing, accompanied with proof of purchase to sales@auxair.co.za


If faults are found on the electrical circuit supplying the air conditioner with power, we do not warranty any electrical work.


Your warranty is subject to an annual service by Aux air/caterquip trading CC.


Should you choose to install an air conditioner that’s undersized for your area, your warranty will be null and void. It is common at first the machine works perfectly. However after sometime you will experience continuous problems. We strongly advise you NOT to install a unit that’s undersized for your area.

  • --9000 BTU = 15m² (Not open plan)
  • 12000 BTU = 24m² (Not open plan)
  • 18000 BTU = 36m²
  • 24000 BTU = 48m²
  • 30000 BTU = 55m²


  • INSTALLATIONS ARE CHARGED BACK TO BACK: Meaning that the indoor unit will run directly in line with the outdoor unit on the same wall. (This installation uses no more than 1 meter of piping and 1 meter of communication cable to link the indoor unit to the outdoor unit) If your air conditioner cannot be installed back to back, then only will the technician charge the client for the extra hours & materials used. This extra charge will be agreed on BEFORE the installation can start, and will be paid to the technician on completion of installation. (We do not include 100x40 trunking to cover extra pipe runs, if required, it will be charged by the technician as an extra)
  • INSTALLATIONS ARE CHARGED INCLUDING ELECTRICAL: Depending on the size of the air conditioner, our PLUG installations include 3 meters of electrical cable from the air conditioner to the plug point and 3 meters of 16x16 trunking to cover that cable. Our DISTRIBUTION BOARD INSTALLATIONS includes 10 meters of electrical cable from the air conditioner, to your distribution board, through a ceiling and excludes trunking to cover this cable if required, if your building/premises has an existing (COC - CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE) in place, it is advised that you contact the electrical contractor who issued the COC to carry out the electrical required to install the air conditioner.
  • INSTALLATIONS INCLUDE DRAINAGE: All air conditioners require an outlet pipe for drainage. Our BACK TO BACK installations include 3 meters of conduit pipe for the drainage. This is usually more than sufficient. However, if your installation requires extra materials or hours, the company reserves the right to charge additional extras.
  • INSTALLATIONS INCLUDE MOUNTING: Brackets, shield anchors, bolts, nuts & saddles that are required for us to install the air conditioner are included in the purchase price.
  • INSTALLATION LABOUR HOURS: A straight forward back to back installation generally takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. If your installation is more detailed than a back to back installation, the company reserves the right to re-quote for installation.
  • INSTALLATIONS INCLUDE TRAVEL: All traveling fees to the following areas: (Empangeni, Richards Bay, Balito, Salt Rock, Kwadukuza, Gingindlovu, Eshowe, Melmoth, Mandini, Mtunzini, Kwambonambi, Mtubatuba, Hluhluwe) are included within the installation price, under the condition that the technician will only travel to the client once. If the client does not receive the technician on the first instance, or if the technician needs to stop work and return on another trip for whatever reason, the company reserves the right to charge an extra travel fee.
  • OUR TECHNICIANS ARE WELL EQUIPPED TO INSTALL ANY AIRCONDIONER IN AN AVERAGE SINGLE OR DOUBLE STOREY HOUSE. The company reserves the right to charge an extra fee if there are any further requirements or sophistications to your installation. (labour, piping, wiring, trunking, brackets, water pump, scaffolding, power tools, sundries or travel)
  • Whilst undertaking to carry out the service to the best of its ability,Aux air/Caterquip Trading cc, shall not be responsible for:
    • Any losses incurred by the sub-contractor and/or their crew.
    • The loss of valuables and/or damages to property.
    • It is the client’s responsibility to Remove & Replace curtains/frames or furniture that are in the way of the installation.
    • THE EXACT LOCATION of the indoor unit, and THE EXACT LOCATION of the outdoor unit, should be pre decided and finalized before the technicians come on site, The Placement areas should be marked or pointed out to the representative who will be PRESENT when installation takes place. Once installation commences, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, will the Installer relocate the air conditioner/s to another position. If the Client insists, then the company reserves the right to charge to a re-installation.
    • WHERE APPLICABLE, It is the client’s responsibility to FINALIZE with the necessary parties to authorise the EXACT LOCATION as to where the air conditioner/s will be installed (for example body corporates)
    • Due to the construction, working and moving parts of your air-con, certain sounds & noises will be heard from time to time. Please note that this is normal, however, abnormally loud & continuous noise levels should be reported.
  • Please note, that once the air conditioner/s is/are installed, and you want it to be removed, you will be charged accordingly.