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AUX Air conditioning

About AUX

With the corporate tenet of "PEOPLE ORIENTED, HONEST TRADE ", AUX Group has been standing 24 years and is now 1000 times larger than its initial scale. Today it has total assets 8.2 billion and a staff about 18,000. The group has been engaged in three manufacturing industries: electrical power, home appliances, and telecommunication, and investing items: real estate and medical services, etc.

Moreover, it has established five production bases in Ningbo, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Shanghai and another one in Tianjin which is being built up. In 2008, the total turnover is 16.4 billion while the tax revenue is 500 million.

Now, AUX Group has already been one of the top 500 Chinese Enterprise, top-25 Chinese big competitive Enterprises, Chinese leading Information enterprise, National Key scientific and technical enterprise. Besides, it has become the standing body of Chinese National Engineering research center and National postdoctoral work station. The group has already built developing academes in Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanchang; AUX has two famous brands "Sanxing" and "AUX", both are ratified as "Chinese Famous Brand"and "Chinese famous products". Adhering to the development policy of enlarging and strengthening our enterprise, it has bow become a strong and competitive group, ranking high in global electrical energy measuring equipment area and domestic home appliances area, competitive in the telecommunication industry, and owning broad prospects in real estate.

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About AUX

The annual output of AUX Group was 7 million pcs of air Conditioners, 25 million Electrical Meters, 3.2 million KVA transformers, 5 million mobiles, and 2 million small home appliances. The output of energy meter ranked No.1 in 9 continuous years and occupied more than 30% shares. AUX Air Conditioner is Top 4 in Chinese market.

Besides, Mingzhou Hospital which is built up by 700 million is Top 3 in 1,500 social hospitals, which is also No.1 non-profit in Zhejiang Province. AUX Real Estate developed 800 thousands every year and was a leading professional developer investing in Shanghai, Jiangxi, and Ningbo.

Because of the corporate spirit summarized in operation, AUX Group has developed fast, healthy and effectively during the past 24 years. With the corporate spirit of "Relying on Human Resource and Managing by Trust", AUX explores the corporate spirit. We always adhere to the spirit of "Advance with the Time and Self-Transcendence", innovating and positioning on the principle of pragmatism and high efficiency. Finally it forms a unique management feature---"Everything should accord to the law of value, obey the rational principles, and center around the improvement of efficiency", President Zheng Jianjiang summarized, which is also the core ideology of AUX management thought and cultural concept.

With the long-term and high target, now AUX has become the "Leading Brand" within the line of home appliance. In the future, AUX will leap from a domestic brand to an international brand with "Stable, Gentle, Honest, and Reliable" image. With the steady and persisting efforts of AUX people and the implementation of the industry upgrading strategy, human resource strategy and internationalization strategy, we have strong confidence that AUX Group will become a worldwide influential manufacturer and corporate group.